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Sehgal ATM Enterprises LLC

Sehgal ATM Enterprises LLC

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About Us

We at Sehgal ATM Enterprises look to solve your business's payment needs in an instant! Not only do we solve your cash needs, but your business can passively earn savings from paying card transaction fees by having our services of either an ATM or merchant services! Save hundreds to thousands of dollars per month by having an ATM machine or our merchant services! We have loads of services associated with our merchant services payment solutions such as handheld card terminal devices, POS systems, virtual terminals, phone payment functions, tablet payment functions, online payment accessibility, back office administrative software, menu building, and MORE! Having our services increase sales revenue upto 75%! We will also protect your BUSINESS and HOME if you desire to engage in our Brinks Security devices and systems as we are also an authorized Brinks Security systems dealer! With our Brinks program, when your contract expires in 36 months or 60 months, you own all of your Brinks products! OTHER companies remove their products from your home or business when contracts expire; WITH Sehgal ATM Enterprises having BRINKS, you get to own all your products you were paying for! Mix and match between ANY of our products and services, and see how we can create the best deal for you! See how we can solve your crucial business needs at the moment (ATM) you need us!

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  • Merchant Services (POS Systems, Devices, Menu Building, Back Office Administration Software, and MORE)
  • ATM Machines
  • Brinks Security Systems Authorized Dealer
  • Security Systems
  • Solar Panel Systems


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